CAUSEweb Caption Contest - 2021

Caption Contests

Each month a panel of educators will evaluate (blind) the submitted cartoon captions based on their edutainment value for teaching statistics. Entries are welcome from all who use or enjoy statistics, including: students, instructors, and professionals. See past entries and ongoing contests below!

  1. January 2021 - Not focusing on graphical data displays is somewhat short sighted
    Winners: Charlie Smith, Sara Letardi, and Rowan Collier
  2. February 2021 - Weighing his options, the vendor decided to use a matched pears t-test to determine whether his normal customers bought more fruit on Tuesday or Thursday
    Winners: Jeremy Case and Greg Snow
  3. March 2021 - Cross-over design ... gone wrong
    Winners: Kelly Spoon, Louis Rocconi, George Divine, and Sara Letardi
  4. April 2021 - From the people who brought you 'Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo Simulation,' 'Honey, I Regressed the Kids,' and 'Angels in the Outlierfield,' get ready for an instant classic, 'The Line King!'
    Winners: Christopher Jay Lacke and Brian King
  5. May 2021 - The search for a truly normal distribution ends, yet again, in a mirage
    Winners: Dashiell Young-Saver & Francois Bereaud
  6. June 2021 - Ride until you win, the p-value hacking carousel; the longer you ride, the greater the chances of grabbing the elusive gold ring!
    Winners: Jim Alloway & Francois Bereaud
  7. July 2021 - Graphs highlight sail-ient features of the data
    Winners: Larry Lesser and Jim Alloway
  8. August 2021 - It's important not to over-generalize from a small dataset
    Winners: John Bailer, Jim Alloway, Elise Abbot, and Larry Lesser
  9. September 2021 - A good plot brings a jolt of understanding
    Winners: Ciaran Evans, Greg Baugher, and Jim Alloway
  10. October 2021 - When in doubt the data's better in than out
    Winner: Erik Svenneby
  11. November 2021 - Statistics is a team sport involving sampling, measurement, analysis, and presentation, which can become rocket science.
    Winners: Jim Alloway & Ryan Card
  12. December 2021 - Leprechauns wasted no time changing their ways when they heard 'data is the new gold'.
    Winners: Brian King, Ciaran Evans, & Douglas VanDerwerken