Caption Contest - January 2021 - Results

There were 32 entries for the January caption contest that featured a cartoon showing an optometrist's office with a patient reading an eye chart. Instead of letters, the eye chart has numbers and statistical graphics.

The winning caption for the January contest was "Not focusing on graphical data displays is somewhat short sighted," written by Charlie Smith from North Carolina State University. Charlie's caption can be used to discuss the importance of graphical displays in drawing meaning from data.

An honorable mention this month goes to Sara Letardi from LSTAT for her caption "With your glasses you can see the world, but with statistics you can understand it," that would aid in discussing how statistics provides a paradigm for understanding the world through data. A second honorable mention goes to Rowan Collier, a student at Kenston High School for his caption: "Understanding misleading graphs doesn’t require 20/20 vision!," which can be used in a discussion of critiquing possible bias in graphical displays.