August 2021 - Results

The August caption contest featured a "war room" scene with four generals looking at a battle plan. All of the generals have multiple medals on their uniforms but the medals for one are statistical graphs.

The winning caption for the August contest was "It's important not to over-generalize from a small dataset," written by John Bailer from Miami University. John's caption can be used to help start a class conversation about when it is proper to generalize a conclusion to a broader population.

Three honorable mentions this month go to:

  • Jim Alloway of EMSQ Associates for his caption: "When dealing with uncertainty and interactions, those utilizing data generally come out ahead,"
  • Elise Abbot, a student at Penn State University, for her caption: "Despite his vague and sometimes confusing directions, the army kept General Statistics with them because he knew too much: He was far too valuable to let fall into enemy hands," and
  • Larry Lesser of The University of Texas at El Paso for his caption: "Rank-order statistics is not just for the military!"