March 2021 - Results

The March caption contest featured a cartoon showing a hospital room but instead of patients being examined by medical staff, the medical staff are being examined by regular people.

The winning caption for the March contest was "Cross-over design … gone wrong," written by Kelly Spoon from San Diego Mesa College. Kelly’s caption can be used to introduce the value of cross-over designs for reducing variability.

Honorable mentions this month go to Louis Rocconi from University of Tennessee for the caption: "Would you trust your medical care to just anyone? Then don't trust your statistical analysis to just anyone either!" and to George Divine from Henry Ford Hospital for his caption "Some flipped classroom situations may work better than others!" and also to Sara Letardi from Istat for her contribution focusing on conditional probability: "Is it more likely that a doctor is also a patient or that a patient is also a doctor? Let's ask Mr. Bayes!"