CAUSEweb Caption Contest - 2022

Caption Contests

Each month a panel of educators will evaluate (blind) the submitted cartoon captions based on their edutainment value for teaching statistics. Entries are welcome from all who use or enjoy statistics, including: students, instructors, and professionals. See past entries and ongoing contests below!

  1. January 2022 - Data analysis and presentation in our country should not be 'left-wing' or 'right-wing'
    Winners: Larry Lesser, Vimal Rao, & Kelly Spoon
  2. February 2022 - Warning: pollster opinions may be reflected in survey results...
    Winners: Don Bell-Souder, Sarah Arpin, & Rosie Garris
  3. March 2022 - Even the Statistical Genie-us couldn't beat the house
    Winners: Rich Einsporn & Erik Svenneby
  4. April 2022 - Data is right up a statistician's alley!
    Winners: Larry Lesser & Debmalya Nandy
  5. May 2022 - The consequences of cutting corners in designing an experiment don’t show up until the end
    Winners: Jim Alloway, Elise Lahiere, & Paul Stephenson
  6. June 2022 - While Mike wrote furiously to describe important patterns in the data, Alicia calmly created a visualization to tell the story
    Winners: Rob Carver & Rosie Ching
  7. July 2022 - The art of data visualization
    Winners: John Montagu & Jim Alloway
  8. August 2022 - Creating the best graphs to describe your data means many revisions get left behind
    Winners: Elise Lahiere, Jim Alloway, & Toni Sorrell
  9. September 2022 - Ga-ga in ga-ga out
    Winners: Jonathan Boucher & Jim Alloway
  10. October 2022 - Unfortunately, the Tailor's approximation didn't lead to a goodness of fit
    Winners: Eric Vance & Stephen Walsh
  11. November 2022 - Keep cooking those numbers. Something useful is bound to pop out!
    Winners: Kim Bennett & Jim Alloway
  12. December 2022 - Statistics is becoming so popular that trend lines are becoming trend setters
    Winners: Dashiell Young-Saver & Larry Lesser