CAUSEweb Caption Contest - 2018

Caption Contests

Each month a panel of educators will evaluate (blind) the submitted cartoon captions based on their edutainment value for teaching statistics. Entries are welcome from all who use or enjoy statistics, including: students, instructors, and professionals. See past entries and ongoing contests below!

  1. January 2018 - Convenience samples just take low-hanging fruit!
    Winners: Larry Lesser and Joe Nolan.
  2. February 2018 - Don't Forget to Clean Your Dirty Data!
    Winners: Jennifer Ann Morrow, Laila Poisson, and Chantal Larose.
  3. March 2018 - Points that differ from their peers are often the most interesting.
    Winners: Jim Alloway, Joe Nolan, Charlie Smith, and Tianyi Wang
  4. April 2018 - Open your eyes to catch the significant events occurring at the tails.
    Winners: Debmalya Nandy, Larry Lesser, Chantal Larose, and Jim Alloway
  5. May 2018 - In the age of IT, paper-and-pencil statistics are finally laid to rest.
    Winner: Justine Leon Uro
  6. June 2018 - Cornfield's conditions ruled out Simpson's Paradox from a potential corn-founder.
    Winners: Larry Lesser and Jim Alloway
  7. July 2018 - It's always the same: just before the exam, book sales spike.
    Winners: Karsten Luebke, Jim Alloway, and Larry Lesser
  8. August 2018 - Always read the full informed consent document before...
    Winners: Greg Snow and Michael Albers
  9. September 2018 - A bit difficult to fully digest, but very nutritional and packed with vitamins...
    Winners: Greg Baugher, Jeremy Case, and Greg Snow
  10. October 2018 - Before computers, random numbers had to be generated by hand.
    Winners: Anthony Bonifonte, Jim Alloway, Robert Wentz, and Shawn Ortonat
  11. November 2018 - A 'statue' of limitations depicted data analysis before the 'monumental' breakthrough...
    Winners: Larry Lesser and Karsten Luebke
  12. December 2018 - Hmm, the pay rate of prison guards is quadratic and currently decreasing...
    Winners: Greg Baugher and Larry Lesser