Caption Contest - September 2018 - Results

The September caption contest had 20 entries and featured a cartoon with two people eating at a fine-dining restaurant. When the server reveals the food on a silver platter, it turns out to be a statistics book!

The winning caption for the September contest was "A bit difficult to fully digest, but very nutritional and packed with vitamins α, p-hat, x-bar, and especially mu and sigma!," written by Greg Baugher from Mercer University. The caption was designed to build positive attitudes towards statistics in general and introduce some key notation.

An honorable mention this month goes to Jeremy Case from Taylor University for his submission: "While the restaurant does not list its prices, it does provide help in estimating them," which, like another submitted caption by an anonymous entrant ("After ordering "something experimental," they were asked to design their own"), can be used to illustrate the value of statistics in designing and analyzing studies. A final honorable mention goes to Greg Snow at Brigham Young University for his caption "People who only consume statistics don't appreciate them like those who learn to produce statistics," that can help to initiate a conversation about the different needs of people who consume and people who produce data.