Caption Contest - August 2018 - Results

The August caption contest had 17 entries and featured a cartoon with a pair of twins walking along side a lake while a piano hangs precariously on a rope over their heads. The rope is being hit by lightening, there are space ships in the distance about to land, and the Loch Ness Monster appears in the water - all while the twins appear to be about to slip on a pair of banana peels!

The winning caption for the August contest was "Always read the full informed consent document before signing up to be in a matched-pairs experiment," written by Greg Snow from Brigham Young University. The caption should prove helpful in discussing human subjects issues during a unit on designing experiments.

Honorable mentions this month went to Michael Albers from East Carolina University for his submission: "After winning both Powerball and Megamillions on the same day, Bill and Sam head out to celebrate," and to an anonymous contributor for the entry "The Poisson model for rare events was about to be tested." Both of the honorable mentions might be used in discussing models for rare events and the assumption of independence. Several other great entries also focused on issues of rare events and matched-pair designs.