Caption Contest - December 2018 - Results

The December caption contest featured a cartoon showing a man in prison with a long beard with stereotypical tally marks on the wall presumably marking time – but he has also drawn a detailed comparative time series plot.

The winning caption for the December contest was "Hmm, the pay rate of prison guards is quadratic and currently decreasing, but my probability of breaking out is increasing linearly. Maybe crime didn't pay, but statistics might!" written by Greg Baugher from Mercer University, Penfield College. Greg’s caption should be helpful in introducing time series plots and their interpretation.

Two honorable mentions this month both go to Larry Lesser from The University of Texas at El Paso for the submissions: "In jail, time (series) seems to lag," and "Whether in a spreadsheet or jail, some cells have data," which can be used in discussing the lag concept in time series and the ubiquitous nature of data respectively.