CAUSEweb Caption Contest - 2016

Caption Contests

Each month a panel of educators will evaluate (blind) the submitted cartoon captions based on their edutainment value for teaching statistics. Entries are welcome from all who use or enjoy statistics, including: students, instructors, and professionals. See past entries and ongoing contests below!

  1. June 2016 - I told you outliers can be influential!
    Winners: Albert Koenig, Janet Zupkus, and Kayden Schaff.
  2. July 2016 - Now this is what I call a 25% chance of nice weather!
    Winners: Michael Huberty, Larry Lesser, Deb Sedik, and Debmalya Nandy.
  3. August 2016 - I know that data visualization is a hot topic...
    Winners: Barb Osyk, Aaron Profitt, Mickey Dunlap, and Elizabeth Stasny.
  4. September 2016 - Even a crash course in model-fitting...
    Winners: Eugenie Jackson, Amy Nowacki, Mickey Dunlap, Semra Kilic-Bahi, John Vogt, and Kevin Schirra.
  5. October 2016 - Thank you for being part of this Gallop Poll!
    Winners: Larry Lesser, Alan Russell, Anna Peterson, Erin Hodgess, Jeff Collier, and Catharina Beussen.
  6. November 2016 - Dr. Frankenstein accepted the null for the last time.
    Winners: Andrea Boito, Caleb Ohrn, and an anonymous user.
  7. December 2016 - Mark was pleased to note that he was a significant outlier...
    Winners: Robert Garrett and Larry Lesser.