Caption Contest - November 2016 - Results

We had 42 submissions for the November caption contest that featured a cartoon showing an angry mob, reminiscent of the villagers in the Frankenstein movie, leaving a "Statistical Institute".

The November caption contest was won by Andrea Boito from Penn State University, Altoona. Andrea’s caption “Dr. Frankenstein accepted the null for the last time,” was selected for its ability to foster a discussion about statistical issues in the classroom.

Two honorable mentions that rose to the top of the judging included a repackaging of the classic refrain “If you torture data enough it will confess,” written by Caleb Ohrn a student at Akron University and “Did you check to see if the conditions were met? Ignore them at your own peril!” written by an anonymous author.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption and congratulations to all of our Winners!