Caption Contest - August 2016 - Results

Contest Results

We had 19 submissions for the August caption contest that featured a cartoon showing a scene with a man working on a computer showing a variety of graphs on the monitor. Meanwhile fire and smoke were coming out of the screen. The August caption contest was won by Barb Osyk from the University of Akron. Barb’s entry (“I know that data visualization is a ‘hot' topic, but aren't you getting a bit too fired up here?”) was selected for its clever play on words and being well suited for starting a conversation about the value of data visualizations. Other honorable mentions that rose to the top of the judging included “I told you exploded pie charts are dangerous!” written by Aaron Profitt from God’s Bible School and College; “Liar liar, data on fire,” written by Mickey Dunlap from University of Tennessee at Martin: and “I warned you about using hot deck imputation when you have so much missing data!” written by Elizabeth Stasny, from The Ohio State University.