CAUSEweb Caption Contest - 2019

Caption Contests

Each month a panel of educators will evaluate (blind) the submitted cartoon captions based on their edutainment value for teaching statistics. Entries are welcome from all who use or enjoy statistics, including: students, instructors, and professionals. See past entries and ongoing contests below!

  1. January 2019 - The Scree(m) Plot
    Winners: Larry Lesser and Minu Bhunia
  2. February 2019 - Weight of the logs ≠ log of the waits
    Winners: Joseph Gerda and Andrew VanZytveld
  3. March 2019 - The many generations of data science
    Winner: Laila Poisson
  4. April 2019 - Qualitative vs Quantitative Research: Tell a Story or Use a Graph?
    Winners: Jennifer Ann Morrow, Joe Brickman, Anthony Schmidt, and Larry Lesser
  5. May 2019 - Statisticians are fortune tellers but with greater accuracy
    Winners: Mickey Dunlap and Douglas VanDerwerken
  6. June 2019 - Correlation does not imply Constellation
    Winners: An anonymous contributor and Larry Lesser
  7. July 2019 - Farmer George found he could track his dried grass yields...
    Winner: Greg Crowther
  8. August 2019 - Let's just skip the survey and jump right to the census
    Winners: Jim Alloway and Steve Wang
  9. September 2019 - Data cleaning may involve normalization
    Winners: Larry Lesser and Douglas VanDerwerken
  10. October 2019 - The moment Newton discovered that data can accelerate innovation
    Winners: Eric Vance and Charlie Smith
  11. November 2019 - Take statistics! Because no one can stop the flood of data heading your way
    Winners: Shawn Orton and Luke Fanning
  12. December 2019 - Climbing into the digital age
    Winners: Nicholas Varberg and Mickey Dunlap