Caption Contest - April 2019 - Results

We had a record 95 submissions (including 62 student entries from 14 different institutions) for the April caption contest that featured a cartoon showing two ancient cave artists drawing on a cave wall. One artist depicts a hunt with stick figures throwing spears at a mastodon, while the other artist is drawing a normal curve.

The first of the co-winning captions for the April contest was "Qualitative vs Quantitative Research: Tell a Story or Use a Graph?," written by Jennifer Ann Morrow from The University of Tennessee. The other co-winning caption was "Since the dawn of time, some were meant to draw pictures. Others were meant to draw conclusions... based on statistics!" written by Joe Brickman, a student at John Carroll University.

Both winning captions could be used in the classroom to highlight different approaches to research – a theme also arising in the caption "The qualitative / quantitative divide goes back to the dawn of humanity," written by Anthony Schmidt from University of Tennessee and given an honorable mention by the judges. A second honorable mention this month goes to Larry Lesser from UTEP for his caption "Worried about long tails, Rok chose a trunk-ated mean," a clever pun that can be used to introduce the concept of robustness.