Caption Contest - December 2019 - Results

There were 21 entries in the December caption contest that featured a cartoon showing a struggling mountain climber reaching a flat area where a smiling guru is sitting in the lotus position with a computer showing a statistical graphic. The climber has an open backpack filled with a disorganized group of papers showing numbers and graphs on them.

The winning caption for the December contest was "Climbing into the digital age," written by Nicholas Varberg, a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. The caption supports the importance of coding, and the how statistical computations and simulations using technology has created a variety of new possibilities in statistics.

An honorable mention this month goes to Mickey Dunlap from University of Georgia for his caption "To reach the pinnacle of statistical enlightenment, you may need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps," that might be used in discussing the value of the bootstrap in statistical inference.