June 2021 - Results

The June caption contest featured people on a merry-go-round reaching for a brass ring. There is a small sign above the ring and contestants were challenged to provide the text for the sign as well as a caption for the overall cartoon.

The winning sign/caption for the June contest was "Ride until you win," on the sign matched with the caption: "The p-value hacking carousel; the longer you ride, the greater the chances of grabbing the elusive gold ring," written by Jim Alloway from EMSQ Associates. Jim's caption can be used to discuss the multiple testing issue and the concept of p-hacking.

An honorable mention this month goes to Francois Bereaud from San Diego Miramar College for the sign reading: "Ride Twice, Double Your Chances!," matched with the caption: "We've been riding all day, the Law of Large Numbers says we gotta get this ring!," which can be used by instructors for discussing misinterpretations of the Law of Large Numbers.