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Josh Tabor ( teaches Statistics at Canyon del Oro High School in Oro Valley, AZ.

Using Simulation-Based Inference in AP Statistics

Josh TaborJosh Tabor, Canyon del Oro High School

The AP Statistics course is designed to mimic a traditional college-level introductory statistics class. Students are expected to use z-tests for proportions, t-tests for means and slopes, and chi-square tests for distributions of categorical data. There are at least three good reasons to incorporate simulation-based inference methods in the AP course, however.[pullquote]Doing these simulations takes time up-front, but helping students understand the logic of inference through simulation saves time in the long-run.[/pullquote]

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Why I chose to teach with simulation-based methods

Josh Tabor, Canyon del Oro High School


Short answer: I teach with simulation-based methods because I believe they make it easier for students to understand the logic of inference and see statistics as a complete investigative process from asking questions to drawing conclusions.


I settled on two guiding principles that would inform the way I designed the course:

  1. Emphasize that Statistics is an investigative process, not a set of isolated skills.
  2. Stay focused on the logic of inference.


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