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About Chris Malone

Chris Malone ( is Professor of Statistics and Data Science at Winona State University, Minnesota.

Should we teach the bootstrap or not in introductory statistics courses?

Chris Malone – Winona State University


One’s success in a course is often determined by his or her desire and motivation to learn.  Unfortunately, desire and motivation are often lacking in an introductory statistics course.  I have learned some tricks over my years of teaching to enhance motivation — leverage their existing knowledge whenever possible and require students to repeatedly consider the phrase “What would happen if … .”

Modern technologies and the recent advances in the use of simulation-based methods in teaching introductory statistics have allowed students to easily consider a variety of “What would happen if …”  scenarios. 

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Why did I choose to teach with simulation based methods?

Chris Malone, Winona State University

I started teaching at Winona State University in 2002.  I am fortunate to be able to teach a variety of statistics courses to students with an even wider variety of backgrounds here at Winona State.  About 10 years ago, at the advice of a senior faculty member, I started doing statistical consulting work to balance my teaching duties.  This had a remarkable impact on my teaching at that time.  Consulting continues to this day to shape my approach to teaching statistics.

The traditional sequence was too compartmentalized and did not allow much time for students to conduct a statistical analysis from start-to-finish.

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