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Lacey Echols ( is Instructor/Coordinator, Mathematics Support Services, Butler University

How I saw the light

LEcholsLacey Echols, Butler University

I knew I was in trouble teaching statistics when I always thought I was doing such a great job, but the students were totally lost the last four weeks of the semester!  It didn’t matter how many times I used active learning in my classroom or the how many great lectures I thought I presented, they just did not get the concept of a hypothesis test.  [pullquote] it is wonderful to present the ideas of how to think about research questions, the proper way to write hypotheses, the meaning of a p-value, and the meaning of statistically significant within the first four days of a semester.[/pullquote] The early part of the semester with data description, probability, and experimental design had lulled them into a false sense of security.

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