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About Randall Pruim

Randall Pruim is a professor of mathematics and statistics at Calvin College and the maintainer of several R packages, including mosaic, Lock5withR, and ISIwithR.

How I teach SBI using R

RPruimR Pruim, Calvin College

I’m not writing to convince you that you should use R to teach simulation-based inference (SBI). My goal is to convince you that you can use R for SBI, even with students (and instructors) who have never used R before. Along the way I’ll mention some guiding principles and illustrate some tools that my colleagues Danny Kaplan and Nick Horton and I have assembled in the mosaic R package to make SBI (and EDA and traditional inference procedures) much easier.

The biggest key to using R well is to provide a lot of creative opportunity with as little R as possible.

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