Practicing Statistics: Guided Investigations for the Second Course

The goal of this text is to provide a broad set of topics and methods that will give students a solid foundation in understanding how to make decisions with data. This text presents workbook-style, project-based material that emphasizes real world applications and conceptual understanding. Each chapter contains:

  • An introductory case study focusing on a particular statistical method in order to encourage students to experience data analysis as it is actually practiced.
  • guided research project that walks students through the entire process of data analysis, reinforcing statistical thinking and conceptual understanding.
  • Optional extended activities that provide more in-depth coverage in diverse contexts and theoretical backgrounds. These sections are particularly useful for more advanced courses that discuss the material in more detail. Some Advanced Lab sections that require a stronger background in mathematics are clearly marked throughout the text.
  • Data sets from multiple disciplines and software instructions for Minitab and R.

The text is highly adaptable in that the various chapters/parts can be taken out of order or even skipped to customize the course to your audience. Depending on the level of in-class active learning, group work, and discussion that you prefer in your course, some of this work might occur during class time and some outside of class. 

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