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The Atomic Clock (Human Perception of Time)

Presented by
Jerry Appell (Rock in the Classroom)

Atomic Clock will be presented as a music video poster that explores the interplay between objective time set by clocks and subjective time experienced by humans. It is produced by Rock In The Classroom which is a nonprofit organization that creates topical music videos for educational purposes and general audiences. A draft of our video will be included through the email link on the proposal page. Atomic Clock examines the possibility of time as an illusory construct even as most of us do not apply this principle to our daily lives. We measure our existence by clocks built for precision even as we grapple with a sense of bewilderment when the fluidity of time reveals itself. That sense of bewilderment was the initial inspiration for our song but during the recording process we discovered the song offered an additional layer of meaning. Many individuals experience profound distortions in their sense of time and that includes us as songwriters. The goal of our video poster is to prompt discussion on this specific phenomenon as well as a general inquiry on the human conception of time.