Presenter FAQ

  • Preparing a Live Presentation

    For panel presentations and keynotes, the "default" mode is slides to be advanced and narrated in real time during the conference. However, you may display a live "talking head" video feed of yourself in addition to or instead of slides.

  • Uploading slides

    Please upload the final version of your slides (in .ppt, .pptx, .key, or .pdf format) to by the start of the conference.

  • Presenting

    If you’re using slides, you will advance and show these from your own computer. You can practice presenting at a designated practice session (see below).

  • Showing videos or playing audio files as part of your presentation

    Your slides may include links to videos or audio files. These can be played during your presentation via screen sharing, but please check the option to "Share computer sound" before you start your presentation. The process is described here: If you plan to show a video, we also recommend checking the "Optimize for full-screen video clip" option, as described here: If you’d like to practice sharing video or audio as part of your talk, please join a practice session (see below).

  • Practice sessions

    To practice using the virtual conference software, please make sure to take advantage of one of the practice sessions offered preceding the conference. See below for more information on these sessions.

  • Preparing a Video Poster

    To present your work as a video poster, you will need to record a short video presentation (suggested length 4-5 minutes, absolute limit 10 minutes). During the conference, participants will be able to view your video and post questions. Videos should be created and uploaded (to by Wednesday, September 21st, 2022. Video recordings should be in .avi, .mp4 (preferred), or .mov format. PowerPoint files will not be accepted.

  • What software should I use to record my presentation?

    We recommend using one of the following applications to record your presentation:

    If the options above are not suitable, we can schedule a time to record your presentation online (see below).

  • Where do I upload my video?

    Videos -- in .avi, .mp4 (preferred), or .mov format -- can be uploaded at:

    Please provide the same e-mail address that you used to submit your proposal so that we can correctly identify presentations.

  • What if I need help creating the video?

    In the weeks prior to the conference, we will have blocks of time set aside to record presentations online. Please contact us in order to set up a session and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Practice sessions

    To practice presenting online, please take advantage of an online practice session. These are offered by request only, please email Bob Carey at to set up a meeting.

  • Help! I can't connect!

    Email Bob Carey at

  • How do I participate in other conference activities?

    To take part in any and all conference activities, please register!

    A few days before the conference all participants will receive a link to participate in all conference activities as well as some technical information to ensure the webinar software will work with your computer. On the day of the conference, simply click the link to view presentations, posters, etc. as well as to pose questions (via a chat window) to presenters.