The VOICES Register

  1. Episode 03: Science Comedian Brian Malow

    Larry Lesser and science comedian Brian Malow talk about science communication and edutainment, finding much overlap within and among song, comedy, and communication in general. Topics covered include Brian's background/trajectory, the role of audience and wordplay, parallels between song and comedy, tradeoffs of accuracy vs. accessibility, and concluding advice.
  2. Episode 02: Environmental singer-songwriter Remy Rodden

    Greg Crowther and Yukon environmental singer-songwriter Remy Rodden talk about being an environmental educator who uses music, how music can reach the head and/or heart, Jennifer Publicover's research about enviro-musicians, and what spurs people to action.
  3. Episode 01: Children's Songwriter Monty Harper

    Greg Crowther and award-winning children's artist Monty Harper talk about the distillation of science into song, possible uses of non-"litany-of-facts" songs in the classroom, and more!