• by Anubis the Philosomancer

    200+ Temperature records set worldwide in the last two days;
    430+ Temperature records set worldwide in the last seven.

    The heat record in Death Valley is 134 degrees Fahrenheit;
    it has been as close to that as 124 degrees the past few days.

    Believe what you will about the inconvenience of the dire truth;
    Statistical Anomalies are becoming the new Norms

  • by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    The lottery numbers you choose
    Won't change your chance to lose,
    But if all 6 match
    You'll get much more cash
    If you picked what's picked by few

  • by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    When categories combine,
    Sometimes you will find
    What had trended
    Now upended:
    New correlation sign!

  • by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    It's why your birthday
    is viewed as an outlier,
    normally speaking.

  • by Marion D. Cohen

    And now here’s another cool fact
    on which you might soon need to act:
    You still, my comrade
    have permission to add
    and orders to also subtract.

  • by Marion D. Cohen

    Now, here’s an essential point:
    If A is from B disjoint
    then to give you, I’m glad permission to add
    at the risk of seeming flamboyant.