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  • by J.V. Cunningham (1911 - 1985)

    Plato, despair!
    We prove by norms
    How numbers bear
    Empiric forms,

    How random wrong
    Will average right
    If time be long
    And errors slight;

    But in our hearts
    Curves and departs
    To infinity.

    Error is boundless.
    Nor hope nor doubt,
    Though both be groundless,
    Will average out.

  • Q: What does a father teach his kids to understand a world of uncertainty?
    A: Probabilidad!

    Larry Lesser

  • Students estimate the probability that a Hershey's KissTM will land on its flat base when spilled from a cup.  Almond and plain Kisses are compared.

  • by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    At our next infant wellness visit,
    the pediatrician plots
    our only child’s weight on
    paper ruled
    by increasing bands
    with concavity ill-suited
    for extrapolation.

    Kilograms or pounds,
    it’s 40th percentile, down
    from the 60th percentile.
    Having delivered well
    into “advanced maternal age,” my wife
    frowns (“we aren’t feeding him enough!”).
    I say it just fell

    half a sigma and
    we’re still well
    within the fat
    part of the bell curve –
    it’s normal –
    this won’t be one
    of our worries.