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ScienceSing: Inspiring tweens to engage with science through song

Presented by
Tracey-Ann Palmer (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

Songs can be effective in engaging children with science. Tweens (children aged 8 to 12) are in an important preadolescent phase where individual interests are thought to be established. This study aims to determine if songs can help teachers to engage their tween-aged students with science. A review of the songs currently available to help teachers in Australia engage tweens with science was conducted. Few songs were found that were directed at tweens and most were aimed at content knowledge rather than engagement. Further the songs were not linked to the Australian Curriculum and limited in their use in the classroom. In response, I developed the ScienceSing project to make song-based educational resources that are linked to the Australian Curriculum and specifically designed to engage tweens with science. Based on the results from a preliminary survey of teachers, eight curriculum-linked songs have been professionally produced and made available under a Creative Commons licence. An in-school study to determine the value of these songs as an engagement tool and as a curriculum resource is currently underway. It is hoped that these songs and associated resources will be valuable to teachers in supporting their efforts to engage tweens with science.

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