Numbers Never Lie (Social Issues and Statistics Song)

Presented by
Jerry Appell (Rock In The Classroom)

Numbers Never Lie will be presented as a music video that explores how statistics can both illuminate and distort issues pertaining to politics and social justice. It is produced by Rock In The Classroom which is a nonprofit organization promoting creative arts in education programs. A draft of the video will be included through the email link on the proposal page. The song examines how statistics can be a powerful tool that can empower historically marginalized populations and bolster arguments on the need to take action on environmental issues. At the same statistics can be manipulated by forces opposed to social change such as politicians who stoke racial division by providing misinformation about crime statistics or those who downplay the significance of vaccination efficacy. The music video openly takes a point of view on these topics and educators using it in classrooms are encouraged to include resources with other perspectives. The goal of our music video will be to advance discussion around the specific topic of statistics and social justice as well as the general application of STEM to a variety of social justice issues.

Music Video