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"Quick Twenty" lists: a fast, fun, easy way to introduce instructors and administrators to STEM songs for teaching

Presented by
Walter Smith (Haverford College); Greg Crowther (Everett Community College)

The goal of the "Quick Twenty" project is to create a quick and fun introduction to STEM songs in each field (biology, math, etc.), making it easy for instructors and administrators to understand how songs can be used for education, and leading to wider adoption of STEM songs for teaching. We think that a "quick twenty list" in each field (not intended to be an objective and authoritative ranking; more like "twenty diverse examples of good songs") will accomplish this. We don't expect any one instructor or administrator to listen to all twenty songs, since they will likely focus on the ones best suited to their own educational levels and content areas. In this poster, we present guidelines for the development of Quick Twenty lists, as well as examples. We have identified subject coordinators for physics, biology, and statistics. Might you be interested in developing a Quick Twenty list for another STEM field, such as astronomy, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, math, or psychology?