• Video explaining the statistical concept of correlation through dance.

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  • by Joseph L. Fleiss (1937 - 2003)

    The was a statistician from Needham,
    Who was so bright, his clients would heed him.
    Yet his embarrassed confession
    Was that, in linear regression,
    He'd never subtract an extra degree of freedom.

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  • by Sabrina Little

    The slick pen glides across paper
    precisely scraping the ruler’s edge
    marking a line beside many lonesome dots
    a line of best fit as snug as a sweater.
    The slope is a mere fraction, but the line it fabricated would stretch on,
    encompassing an infinite amount of graph paper.
    As the line traveled, it would pass by many data points
    and the wispy voices of the outliers would be heard on the wind
    calling to the line from worlds away, asking it to contort
    to come and gather the lonely dots, and hold them shaking in its tepid arms
    but the line never does.
    Instead, it continues on without a sideways glance
    forever the same slope
    forever the same straight line.