• TigerSTAT is a three dimensional on-line game where students collect data and explore models for estimating the age of a Siberian tiger. In this game, students act as researchers on a national preserve where they are expected to catch tigers, collect data, analyze their data (using simple linear regression on transformed data), and draw appropriate conclusions. 

  • Correlation is not cause, it is just a 'music of chance'.

    Siri Hustvedt (1955 - )

  • …nobody with much experience of medical statistics supposes that the method of multiple correlation (or any other method) carried so far as the available data permit one to carry it, can succeed in isolating the significant factors and only the significant factors.

    Hilda Mary Woods (1892 - 1971)

  • Patient: I'm feeling guilty.  Do you think I was unkind in a past life?

    Psychologist: Well, I can hypnotize you and look for regression to the mean.

    Larry Lesser & Dennis Pearl

  • I just saw a new local band -- on paper, its musicians appear to have the same traits, but when they play, they all sounded really different!

    They called themselves Anscombe's Quartet!


    Larry Lesser