• My data for people that drank between 1 and 9 beers showed that their blood alcohol content could be predicted with great accuracy using a simple regression model. 

    I wanted to make a prediction for 12 beers but was told that I was out of line.

    Dennis Pearl

  • Lyrics © 2017 Michael Posner

    I've been staring at my test in statistics
    Longer than I care to remember
    Not been perplexed by scatterplots before
    I wish I could be the perfect student
    But I know it would have been prudent
    If I had studied regression even more

    Got a high R-squared,
    Heteroscadastic?  Nope
    What does that mean? I’m scared!
    A non-zero slope
    I reject H0
    Cause the p is low
    Errors somewhat normal I see

    See the line where the jump meets the year
    It confounds me
    ‘Cause I don’t know, how far he’ll go
    If the wind on his back as he jumps stays behind him

    One never knows
    We must be able to figure out how far he'll go
    I will use the given coefficients
    Cause I know that I’m proficient
    Calculating the point that’s on the line
    Take the year times 0.011

    Subtract 14.4 and I’m done
    So maybe my answer is fine
    10.3 I got
    About 34 feet
    So I’ll put that dot, now my answer’s complete
    But it sounds like a lot to accomplish that feat
    What is wrong with me

    See the line where the jump meets the year
    It’s far out there
    So I don’t know, how far he’ll go
    So it seems extrapolation doesn’t work

    For twenty-one eighty
    So we don’t know
    What's beyond those points
    Can’t go past those points

    See the line where the jump meets the year
    Can’t go out there
    So we don’t know, how far he’ll go
    If the new point I predict leaves my plot far behind me
    We don’t know
    How far he'll go

  • Lyric by Mary McLellan
    may sing to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby" (Vanilla Ice)

    Yikes! Is it Linear, Listen…
    Have you got a correlation coefficient
    r is the strength of linearity
    R2   is % of variability
    Can we tell from r- NO! You don’t know
    Residual plot- you must check
    Look at residuals and see if there’s a pattern
    “Statistical Evidence” only with a p-value

    Linear Model…. Linear Model….


  • Music and lyrics ©2017 by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    I stopped buyin’ ice cream when I saw the charts:
    The sales align with attacks by sharks!
    And I’d go to my doctor, but won’t anymore:
    His patients look sickly leavin’ his door! 
    Correlation information never gave me pause:
    I treat it like causation – just ‘cause!

    TVs per household aligns with length of life,
    So I filled my rooms with that blue TV light! 
    Number of cops and crimes directly correlate,
    So the crew in blue we should eliminate!  
    Correlation information confounds me and my flaws:
    I treat it like causation –  just ‘cause!

    Before this song, my world was causation;
    But I was wrong, it was guilt by association!
    So I claim my song helped -- well, maybe

  • The Correlation Guessing Game provides panels of four scatterplots and challenges you to match them with four potential values of Pearson's correlation. 

  • Shapesplosion is an on-line game in which a person is expected to place specifically shaped pegs into the appropriate holes within a short time period. In this project, students are asked to use the Shapesplosion game to design an experiment and collect data. This game is specifically designed so that students have the opportunity to develop and test their own unique research question. You can leave all the variables blank when you are simply trying out the game, however, if you want to find your score is the database of results, you will need to select the Participant Info box.

  • TigerSAMPLING is almost identical to TigerSTAT. However in the TigerSAMPLING game there are additional questions that emphasize BIAS and GENERALIZABILITY. These games collect data and explore models for estimating the age of a Siberian tiger. In this game, students act as researchers on a national preserve where they are expected to catch tigers, collect data, analyze their data (using simple linear regression on transformed data), and draw appropriate conclusions