The Conviction of Miss Prediction

The Conviction of Miss Prediction

by Dane C. Joseph

It began when an intercept
directed some concepts—
strength and direction—
to capture covariance.

A line mapped two variables,
a plane modeled more.
All seeking least-squares variance
and following the law.

But they ran into trouble
when a categorical response
tricked moderator and predictor
into romantic nonchalance.

By then it was too late
as in hindsight you could see
Linear r^2 was incapable
to do a Nagelkerke.

And I’m still not quite sure
why the sigs from the F’s,
were not up to snuff
as the Wald difference tests.

But in the courtroom we heard
the lawyers and judge
decry her dereliction...
then subpoenaed probability and odds.