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View Resource Quote: Manley on Revealing Secrets

A quote that might be used in discussing the Law of Large Numbers. The quote is by English author and satirist Delarivier Manley (1663 – 1724) from her 1709 book "Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality of Both Sexes."
View Resource Quote: Winston on Interpreting Data

A quote to aid in a discussion of drawing out the salient features of data in plots and statistics. The quote is by small business and organization expert Stephanie Winston from her book The Organized Executive: A Program for Productivity--New Ways to Manage Time, Paper, People, and the Digital Office (1994)
View Resource Quote: Brackett on Gathering Data

A quote to help in discussing the idea that a plan for the purposeful collection of data should include a plan for how the information will be used. The quote is by American philosopher, educator, and feminist Anna C. Brackett (1836 – 1911) and may be found in The Technique of Rest, Ch. 2 (1892).
View Resource Quote: Buck on Interpreting Data

A quote to help in discussing the importance of being able to interpret data and it's central role in a general education. The quote is found in Pearl S. Buck and Carlos P. Romulo, Friend to Friend (1958).
View Resource Quote: Jamieson and Jackson on Anecdotes

A quote to aid in discussing the difference between individual anecdotes and systematically gathered data. The quote is by journalist Brooks Jackson (1941 - ) and Professor of Communication Kathleen Hall Jamieson (1946 - ) from University of Pennsylvania (founders of the Annenberg Foundation’s in their book UnSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation (2007).
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