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View Resource Song: We Are the Statletes

A song that reviews several statistical topics written by University of Texas at El Paso professor Lawrence M. Lesser. The song is a parody of "We Are the Champions" written by Freddy Mercury that was popularized by the British rock group Queen in their 1977 Album "ewe of the World."
View Resource Quote: Mandelbrot on Probability

The theory of probability is the only mathematical tool available to help map the unknown and the uncontrollable. It is fortunate that this tool, while tricky, is extraordinarily powerful and convenient. is a quote by Polish-French-American mathematician and developer of fractal geometry Benoit B. Mandelbrot (1924 - 2010). The quote appears in his 1982 book "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" W.H....
View Resource Quote: Mintzberg on Theory

No generalizing beyond the data, no theory. And no theory, no insight. And if no insight, why do research? is a quote by Canadian Professor of Management Studies Henry Mintzberg (1939 - ), McGill University. The quote appears in his 2005 paper "Developing Theory about the Development of Theory" that appeared in the edited volume "Great Minds in Management: The process of theory development" (K....
View Resource Poem: Very Able to Know Each Variable

A poem to teach about various types of variables (categorical versus numerical versus summary statistics) and differentiating them from other concepts like the outcomes in the sample space or the sample size. The poem was composed by Lawrence Mark Lesser of The University of Texas at El Paso.
View Resource Joke: The Publishers

A joke to be used in teaching about the use of randomization in experiments or about the Pearson correlation coefficient. The idea for the joke came from Lawrence Mark Lesser of The University of Texas at El Paso.