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View Resource Determining the Sample Size

Chapter from a textbook that covers the topic of sample size by giving a thorough background and then covering issues that are involved when determining the sample size.
View Resource Sample size and power calculations made simple

The process of sample size calculations, including relevant definitions, is explained and clear examples for different study designs are provided for illustration. A range of software packages and websites are discussed and evaluated
View Resource Power and Sample Size

Presentation that applies the topics of power and sample size to examples in epigenetic epidemiology studies. Step by step solutions using statistical softwares G*Power and STATA are given.
View Resource Sample Size Determnation

Presentation that covers: the significance of sample size, determination of sample size, factors that may affect sample size, and how to use sample size in a research or study.
View Resource Determining the Right Sample Size for Your Test: Theory and Application

Determining the right sample size in a reliability test is very important. If the sample size is too small, not much information can be obtained from the test in order to draw meaningful conclusions; on the other hand, if it is too large, the information obtained through the tests will be beyond that needed, thus time and money are wasted. This tutorial explains several commonly used approaches...
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