P2-30: Use of R Markdown in a Graduate Biostatistics Classroom

By Steven Foti, University of Florida


The GAISE College Report (Carver et al., 2016) urges teachers to consider technology tools that offer “support for reproducible analysis and integration with word-processing and presentation software.” R Markdown (Allaire et al., 2013) is one such tool, as it provides a way to seamlessly integrate interpretations of statistical methods with R code and allows for direct reproducibility of code by replacing the copy-and-paste workflow. In a graduate biostatistics course with both online and campus sections, R Markdown was encouraged for use with homework assignments. This poster presentation will share examples of student work, a synthesis of course evaluation comments related to the use of R Markdown, and thoughts from the instructor on the pros and cons of using the software in the classroom setting.

Poster Session - P2-30 - Use of R Markdown in a Graduate Biostatistics Classroom.pdf