P2-01: Stats and Beyond: Using Song in STEM

By Dennis Pearl (The Pennsylvania State University); Larry Lesser (The University of Texas at El Paso); John Weber (Georgia State University)


There have been many articles and archived presentations about the use of song in teaching statistics and other STEM topics (a bibliography will be provided at the Poster & Beyond session). Putative benefits include reduced stress or anxiety, increased motivation or engagement, and improved conceptual understanding as well as recall. A recent grant-funded initiative across STEM (CAUSEweb.org/voices) reflects and reveals counterparts and synergies between statistics and other disciplines in the use of song. This interactive poster will use laptops to offer attendees multiple independent points of entry or connection, including (ordered by increasing level of student creative involvement): songs as a learning resource for teaching concepts; karaoke activities; songs incorporating student content/context-based inputs; and student song/video projects. 


Interactive document:

References on the use of song in STEM may be found at:

Papers specific to song in the mathematical sciences are at:

And (regarding a randomized experiment in statistics):

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