1. STEM Karaoke & Performance

Educators (and/or their students) can sing STEM songs to live or karaoke accompaniment in classroom or informal education settings.

Louisiana high school teacher Kristin Chavis uses rap to help students learn biology

Source: https://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/high-school-biology-teacher-rhymes-raps-teach/story?id=46773632

Texas high school teacher Mary McLellan uses karaoke in her AP statistics class

Other Resources

2. Songs & Videos as a Learning Resource

Large curated searchable databases of songs for teaching statistics and other STEM subjects are available and often contain supplemental materials for using them in computer labs or for homework assignments.

The P-Value Song

By: Michael Greenacre (Barcelona Graduate School of Economics)

AstroCappella – A Musical Exploration of the Universe!