Facilitating STEM Karaoke with Noteflight Software

Presented by
John Mlynczak, Noteflight.com (MA) and Greg Crowther, PhD, Everett Community College (WA)

STEM instructors brave enough to use music in their classrooms have typically played songs or music videos while the students watch passively. At this conference we will be seeing a host of ways in which educational music can be made into a more active experience for students. In this presentation we will highlight one way, namely, STEM karaoke. STEM karaoke has been feasible for some time, but is greatly facilitated by the use of a free or low-cost subscription to Noteflight. After Greg shows examples of how he helps become active singers of STEM content, John will provide a quick tour of Noteflight's features and answer questions. Free trial Noteflight memberships will be made available to all conference participants!