Fun Collection

In this section we provide humorous items related to statistics, including cartoons, a gallery of statistical art, jokes, games, magic, poems, word puzzles, quotes, songs, short stories, and videos. Click here for an introduction to the literature and some usage guidance on teaching statistics using fun items.

Materials in this section are available for free use by statistics instructors provided that you agree to and abide by the following:

  • I will use the items only for educational purposes in my course materials provided free to students (lecture notes, handouts, course website, etc...)

  • Except as above, I will not redistribute copied or downloaded files to others without the expressed permission of Please refer them to our website instead.

  • I will cite the source ( and author where given
    For songs: [name of the author and composer] ©
    Use of Xkcd cartoons should attribute as the source
    Use of cartoons from the "Life in Research" series should attribute
    Use of cartoons by Theresa McCracken should attribute
    Use of cartoons by Jorge Cham should acknowledge "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham,
    All other cartoons should attribute J.B. Landers ©

To inquire about royalty rates for commercial use of cartoons please contact Dennis Pearl. Commercial use of songs is not permitted without the expressed permission of the appropriate copyright holders.