2G: Making statistics memorable: creation and evaluation of mnemonics

Megan Mocko (University of Florida), Larry Lesser, Amy Wagler, & Wendy Francis (University of Texas at El Paso)


Do some of your students feel there's too much to remember, even in a concept-based course? Memory aids might reduce their anxiety and free up cognitive resources to concentrate better on conceptual understanding. While not currently as well-known as mathematics memory aids PEMDAS, SOHCAHTOA, and FOIL, there are actually several dozen published mnemonics related to the terms, procedures, concepts, and processes of introductory statistics.  In their paper in the March 2017 Journal of Statistics Education and in current follow-up work, the presenters have been evaluating evidence of effectiveness of a set of these mnemonics. In this memorable and interactive session, attendees will get to share, classify, and critique mnemonics that presenters and/or attendees use with their students. Participants will brainstorm (in small groups, then as a whole room) areas in which students have difficulty and discuss the creation (and evaluation) of new memory aids for these topics.