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  • Normality is a myth; there never has, and never will be, a normal distribution.

    Roy C. Geary (1896 - 1983)

  • Indeed, it is always probable that something improbable will happen.

    Logan E. Bleckley (1827 - 1907)

  • It is better to be satisfied with probabilities than to demand impossibilities and starve.

    Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805)

  • There is no alchemy of probabilities that will change ignorance into knowledge.

    Edwin G. Boring (1886 - 1968)

  • Probability is expectation founded upon partial knowledge.

    Geoge Boole (1815 - 1864)

  • Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.

    Democritus (460 BCE - 370 BCE)

  • We can never achieve absolute truth but we can live hopefully by a system of calculated probabilities. The law of probability gives to natural and human sciences - to human experience as a whole - the unity of life we seek.

    Agnes E. Meyer (1887 - 1970)

  • Are no probabilities to be accepted, merely because they are not certainties?

    Jane Austen (1775 - 1817)

  • Every Thought emits a Roll of the Dice.

    Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898)

  • "I failed math twice, never fully grasping probability theory. I mean, first off, who cares if you pick a black ball or a white ball out of the bag? And second, if you're bent over about the color, don't leave it to chance. Look in the damn bag and pick the color you want."

    Stephanie Plum/Janet Evanovich (1943 - )