eCOTS 2014 - Breakout Session #2

"Planting Seeds of Reproducibility in the Introductory Statistics Course with R Markdown"
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, Duke University; & Andrew Bray, Mount Holyoke College


Nolan and Temple Lang argue that "the ability to express statistical computations is an essential skill." A key related capacity is the ability to conduct and present data analysis in a way that another person can understand and replicate. The copy-and-paste workflow that is an artifact of antiquated user-interface design makes reproducibility of statistical analysis more difficult, especially as data become increasingly complex and statistical methods become increasingly sophisticated. R Markdown is a new technology that makes creating fully-reproducible statistical analysis simple and painless. It provides a solution suitable not only for cutting edge research, but also for use in an introductory statistics course. We present how R Markdown can be used effectively in introductory statistics courses, and discuss its role in the rapidly-changing world of statistical computation. During the presentation participants will get a chance to interact with the interface and experience first hand the straight-forward nature of dynamic report generation using R Markdown.



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