eCOTS 2014 - Virtual Poster Sessions

  1. Teaching from Big Data

    1. Visualizing Big Data in the Introductory Course
      David Kahle, Baylor University
    2. Teaching the Ethics of Big Data
      Dean Poeth, Union Graduate College
    3. Student Perspectives on Software Used in an Introductory Statistical Computing Course
      Chelsea Snyder & Julia L. Sharp, Clemson University
    4. Visualization and Data Science with Big Data in a Multivariate Data Analysis Elective
      Amy Wagaman, Amherst College
  2. The Impact of the Common Core

    1. LOCUS as a Tool to Measure Teachers' Preparation to Teach Statistics
      Catherine Case, Douglas Whitaker, Steven Foti, & Tim Jacobbe; University of Florida
    2. Implementing the Common Core's Promise of Bringing Statistical Curricula into Line with Recommendations of NCTM, MAA, & GAISE
      Beverly L. Wood & Carl Clark, Indian River State College
  3. Bridging the Disciplines

    1. Ensuring Statistical Literacy for Pre-Service Education Majors
      Stacy M. Bjorkman, Walden University; & Kelly H. Summers, Northern Illinois University
    2. Developing a flipped pedagogy for undergraduate Engineering Statistics, 15 years before its 'invention'
      Marc Bourdeau, École Polytechnique de Montréal
    3. A new blend: An introductory statistics course integrating a MOOC, active learning sessions, and open online resources, with seasoning from the students' areas of study
      Alison L. Gibbs & Nathan Taback, University of Toronto
    4. An Interdisciplinary Approach in Statistics Courses for Biology Students
      Ramon Gomez, Florida International University
    5. Use of in Introductory Statistics to Bridge Across Disciplines
      Dai-Trang Le, University of California at Los Angeles
    6. Developing a Profession Specific Statistics Course for Nurses
      Jane Oppenlander, Union Graduate College
    7. Integrating Writing in the Statistics Curriculum
      Dean Poeth & Jane Oppenlander, Union Graduate College
    8. Statistics in the Supermarket: An Intellectually Nutritious Activity
      Alan Reifman & Zhen Cong, Texas Tech University
    9. Incorporating Statistics into the AP Biology Classroom: Meeting Common Core Standards
      Lynn Waterhouse, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; & Joanne "JJ" Johnson, Kearny High Complex: School of Science Connections & Technology, San Diego Unified School District
  4. Other Important Issues

    1. Comparing Active Learning and Traditional Lecture Introductory Statistics Classes at Montana State University (Fall 2013)
      Katie Banner & Jim Robison-Cox, Montana State University
    2. Flipping the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities from the Students' Perspective
      Karen Benway, University of Vermont
    3. Comparing participation in computer-mediated and traditional discussions in a undergraduate behavioural sciences statistics course: An exploratory study
      Malinda Desjarlais, Mount Royal University
    4. Stay Calm and Think Critically: Student Perceptions of Numbers in Introductory Statistics
      Marc Isaacson, Augsburg College
    5. An overview scheme for introducing statistical inference by labeling inference actions
      Frank J. Matejcik, South Dakota School of Mines & Oglala Lakota College
    6. TIGERSTATS (Teach It Gently: Elementary R and STATisticS)
      Rebekah Robinson & Homer White, Georgetown College
    7. Flipping the Statistics Classroom - Enhancing Course Redesign with the Flipped Classroom
      Melissa M. Sovak, California University of Pennsylvania
    8. Discussing statistics: using problems with more than one correct answer to facilitate students' understanding
      Måns Thulin, Uppsala University
    9. The Dog ate My Computer: Implementing Statistics Homework Online
      Leigh V. Weiss, Capital University & Jackie Wroughton, Northern Kentucky University
    10. Exploring a "Flip" in Introductory Statistics
      Bethany White, The University of Western Ontario