eCOTS 2014 - Breakout Session #10

"An Interdisciplinary QUantitative Analysis and Research Cooperative (QUARC) at Westminster College"
Jen Simonds, Bill Bynum, Sean Raleigh, & Dakota Hawkins (student); Westminster College (Salt Lake City)


At Westminster College, a small liberal arts college with approximately 3,000 students, we have formed the QUantitative Analysis and Research Cooperative (QUARC) from a set of informal discussions among faculty from multiple schools and departments within the college who use quantitative methods in their work. Work of the cooperative includes student consultants who assist other students with quantitative topics and projects.

Our interdisciplinary group of presenters will share accounts of continuing our statistics education through special topic talks, teaching students in an interdisciplinary Applied Data Analysis course, consulting on the development of a new Liberal Education program, and hiring student consultants in a cohort model that includes students from multiple majors. We will engage the audience through an interactive approach to relate features of our cooperative to others' institutions and through an opportunity for brainstorming ideas for how our aspects of our model could be adapted for schools that do not share our small size and liberal arts focus. Presenters will be faculty and student representatives from different schools and departments.



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