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View Resource Testing Assumptions: Normality & Equal Variances

Document (pdf) illustrating a test of normality using an Anderson-Darling test in MINITAB and a test of equality of variances with an F-test in EXCEL.
View Resource Why Do We Need to Compute the Power of a Test?

When performing a hypothesis test about the population mean, a possible reason for the failure of rejection of the null hypothesis is that there's an insufficient sample size to achieve a powerful test. Using a small data set, Minitab is used to check for normality of the data, to perform a 1-Sample t test, and to compute Power and Sample Size for 1-Sample t.
View Resource Sample Size Determination In Research

This is a complete lesson module (including example problems with answers to selected problems) for the purpose of enabling students to: 1) Provide examples demonstrating how the margin of error, effect size, and variability of the outcome affect sample size computations. 2) Compute the sample size required to estimate population parameters with precision. 3) Interpret statistical power in...
View Resource Poem: Rhyming Without Replacement

A poem to illustrate the dependence between trials when sampling is without replacement. To set this poem up in the classroom, you might ask the students questions like: "If I want to put the Supreme Court Justices in a random order, I can pick one at a time without replacement. Before I pick the first Justice, do I know who it's going to be? Before I pick the last Justice, do I know who it's...
View Resource Poem: PERMUTATION

A poem to develop an understanding of permutations. A question like "Why is the word importunate used in a poem about a permutation?" will help the conversation. The poem was written by Larry Lesser from The University of Texas at El Paso in 2017.
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