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View Resource Quote: Yule on Measurement

"Failing the possibility of measuring that which you desire, the lust for measurement may, for example, merely result in your measuring something else - and perhaps forgetting the difference - or in your ignoring some things because they cannot be measured." A quote by British statistician George Udny Yule that can be used in discussing the validity of measurements. The quote is contained on the...
View Resource Quote: Cobb on Lecturing

"Shorn of all subtlety and led naked out of the protective fold of educational research literature, there comes a sheepish little fact: lectures don?t work nearly as well as many of us would like to think." A quote by George Cobb from his 1992 paper "Teaching Statistics," in Heeding the Call for Change: Suggestions for Curricular Action, ed. Lynn Steen, MAA Notes Number 22, 3-43. The quote is a...
View Resource Joke: Why the Download

A joke that can be used in distinguishing the difference between the probability mass function (pmf) for discrete variables and the probability density function (pdf) for continuous variables. The idea for the joke came in 2016 from Judah Lesser, an AP Statistics student from El Paso Texas.
View Resource Joke: The Statistician's Lunch

A joke to be used in discussing the assumption of normality in using the t-distribution for inference. The Joke was written in 2016 by Judah Lesser an AP statistics student from El Paso, Texas.
View Resource Estimating Ages of Famous People

This webpage provides an active learning lesson for linear regression. Resources include an in-class student activity sheet for two different levels of classes (Algebra I and Junior), a PowerPoint showing faces of famous people, and sheet with updated (to the end of current year) actual ages of the celebrities.
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