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View Resource Quote: Goodrich on Sampling

A quote to initiate a discussion of sampling and the value of randomization in avoiding bias. The quote is by economist and blogger Jaana M Goodrich (1955 - ) writing in her blog under the pseudonym Echidne of the Snakes. The quote is found at
View Resource Quote: Gray on Convincing with Statistics

A quote that can be used in discussing how data are more convincing to people if they align with current beliefs. The quote is by American mathematician Mary Gray (1938 - ) and comes from the title of her 1993 (v. 8, page 144) Statistical Science "Can Statistics Tell Us What We Do Not Want to Hear? The Case of Complex Salary Structures." The paper, the commentaries on the paper, and Dr....
View Resource Quote: Franklin on Simulation and Randomization

A quote that can be used in discussing the value and wide applicability of simulation for understanding statistical concepts and applying statistical methods. The quote is by American Statistical educator Christine Franklin (1956 - ) and is found in a 2013 interview with her conducted by Allan Rossman in the Journal of Statistics Education (volume 21, number 3).
View Resource Quote: Woods on Model Building

A quote to initiate discussions of model building By British Statistician and Epidemiologist Hilda Mary Woods (1892-1971). The quote is from her paper "The influence of external factors on the mortality from pneumonia in childhood and later adult life" in the Journal of Hygiene 1927 pages 36-43 (quote is on page 42).
View Resource How to Interpret a Confidence Interval for Mu

What is correct, what is incorrect, and why?
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