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View Resource Quote: Reich on Averages

Averages don't always reveal the most telling realities. You know, Shaquille O'Neal and I have an average height of 6 feet. is a quote from American political economist and former Secretary of Labor, Robert B. Reich (1946 - ). The quote was first published on October 6, 1994 in the Business section of "The Chicago Tribune". Robert Reich is 4 foot 10 inches tall. (Picture of Robert Reich is by...
View Resource Analysis Tool: OStats 4

OStats is a simple tool for data visualisation and statistical analysis, particularly aimed at helping students learn statistics.
View Resource Against All Odds: 26. Case Study

This free online video program "presents a detailed case study of statistics at work. Operating in a real-world setting, the program traces the practice of statistics - planning the data collection, collecting and picturing the data, drawing inferences from the data, and deciding how confident we can be about our conclusions. Students will begin to see the full range and power of the concepts and...
View Resource Song: Bayesians in the Night

Song playfully celebrates Bayesian inference and includes various vocabulary such as coherence, prior, and exchangeable. May be sung to the tune of "Strangers in the Night" (Kaenpfert/Singleton/Snyder). Musical accompaniment realization and vocals are by Joshua Lintz from University of Texas at El Paso.
View Resource Against All Odds: 25. Inference for Relationships

In this free online video program, "students will understand inference for simple linear regression, emphasizing slope, and prediction. This unit presents the two most important kinds of inference: inference about the slope of the population line and prediction of the response for a given x. Although the formulas are more complicated, the ideas are similar to t procedures for the mean sigma of a...