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This page provides links to distribution calculators, conceptual demonstration applets, statistical tables, online data analysis packages, function and image-processing tools, and other online computing resources. Key Words: Binomial; Normal; Exponential; Chi-Square; Geometric; Hypergeometric; Negative Binomial; Poisson; Student's T; F-Distribution; Wilcoxon Rank-Sum; Central Limit Theorem;...
View Resource Webinar: Interactive Statistics Education using Web-based SOCR Data, Tools, Activities, & Resources

May 11, 2010 T&L webinar presented by Ivo Dinov (UCLA) and hosted by Jackie Miller (The Ohio State University). This webinar will present data, tools, materials and the pedagogical approach of the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) for technology-enhanced probability and statistics education. Following a review of the different types of SOCR online resources, we will go over two...
View Resource Statistics Online Computational Resources (SOCR)

This applets on this site include: interactive graphs of many distribution models; a collection of computer generated games; a collection of data modeling aids including curve fitting, wavelets, matrix manipulations, etc.; p-values, quantiles & tail-probabilities calculations; virtual online probability experiments and demonstrations; and a large collection of statistical techniques for online...
View Resource General Central Limit Theorem (CLT) Activity

This activity represents a very general demonstration of the effects of the Central Limit Theorem (CLT). The activity is based on the SOCR Sampling Distribution CLT Experiment. This experiment builds upon a RVLS CLT applet ( by extending the applet functionality and providing the capability of sampling from any SOCR Distribution. Goals of...
View Resource Choosing the Right Test

This page helps readers know which statistcal tests are appropriate for the different types of data. Two charts display the information. A discussion of study design and sample size, as well as exercise questions with solutions are also provided.