SAS: Training Modern Statisticians with SAS® Viya® for Learners

With Brian Gaines (SAS)


SAS® Viya® for Learners is a new, cloud-based software offering from SAS that is free for educators and their students for noncommercial use. This offering enables students to gain hands-on experience in using enterprise-level advanced analytics software that assists them in learning in-demand data science skills. Through a web browser, educators and students can access a unified platform that supports the entire analytics life cycle—from data preparation, to exploratory data analysis, to model creation and deployment. SAS Viya for Learners supports a collaborative approach that makes analytics accessible to anyone. You can easily create visualizations with a drag-and-drop interface, or you can program in your language of choice—SAS®, Python, or R. This presentation will demonstrate the versatility of SAS Viya for Learners and show how it can be used to effectively train modern statisticians.