JMP: Improving Student Learning at All Levels, with Intuitive Software and an Emphasis on Data Visualization

With Ruth Hummel, Ph.D., Academic Ambassador, JMP Global Academic Program


Choosing the right statistical software package can make a huge difference in student learning. JMP is visual and dynamic, with context-based menus that present the right options at the right stage of exploration or analysis. JMP can help teachers expedite the learning process: with JMP, you can cover more statistical content, better illustrate underlying concepts, improve students' ability to explore data and harness their own curiosity, and you can do this while spending less time teaching the software package. In this session we demonstrate features and tools in JMP that make JMP the perfect software choice for teaching statistics. Topics covered include: Dynamic Linking to Explore Data, Context-Based Options, Easy Graphing, Transformations-on-the-Fly, Visually Communicating Statistical Models with the Profiler, Built-in Concept Simulations (Teaching Modules), Built-In One-Click Resample Methods (Randomization Testing and Bootstrapping), Word Clouds and Text Summary, and Easy Import and Export Methods for Getting Data and Sharing Work. We will also review the wide range of resources available at to use in introductory through advanced courses in statistics.