P2-16: Transformation of Large Lecture Class with the Aid of Technology

By Amanda Ellis, Eastern Kentucky University


For large lecture courses, which take place in traditional auditorium style rooms, engaging students and evaluating teaching effectiveness in real time can be a difficult task. This poster will present modern approaches for teaching statistical inference that can transform the traditional large lecture class into a more personal and engaging space for students. The methods presented are low cost or free for both instructors and students and do not require a change in the physical space of the classroom. Methods presented will focus on three strategies to transform a large lecture classroom.

  1. The promotion of class participation by use of online applications.
  2. Real-time evaluation of student learning and teaching effectiveness.
  3. Personalization of course materials to reach students outside of the classroom.

The methods presented in the poster were implemented in an introductory statistics course with 100 students enrolled and the majority of the students were non-majors. The poster will present the tools necessary to implement the methods, student feedback on the methods, and limitations. Additionally, examples of the classroom applications, notes and QR codes will be available.

Poster Session - P2-16 - Transformation of Large Lecture Class with the Aid of Technology.pdf